Zoobic: a glimpse on these two white Lion cubs

Side trip to Zoobic to see the cubs... babies... they're so cute!!!!!!
Side trip to Zoobic to see the cubs… babies… they’re so cute!!!!!!


Right after eating at Claw Daddy’s we had a short trip to Zoobic Safari to see the young white Lion cubs and they were adorable. These animals were just like kids, they were playing and tumbling at each other not knowing that someday, somehow if gone to the wild they might try to kill one of each other for territory or food. The trip was just really short, enough to take some pictures and feel the tranquility of nature and inhale all those oxygen from mountain-high trees outside the hustle and bustle metro.  The big tigers we’re sleeping because we arrived at past five pm and they ate at four so they were all deeply sleeping with content.


Seeing the white lion cub celebrities is just surreal.
Seeing the white lion cub celebrities is just surreal.


We got to see some novelty shops but opted not to buy anything, first because I only see stuffed toys as major dust magnet and I’d prefer a soft pillow than an eyed animal beside my sleep. My 2-year old baby loves teddy bears though, she brings the bear along even when going outside the house. Most of the toys in the novelty shop we’re reptiles like snakes, turtles, crocs and a few others.  Here are some photos:





Stuffed manimals....
Stuffed manimals….




After getting some pictures taken an enjoying the white lion cubs, we did call it a day and went to get some food while on the way back to the busy cities we all came from. It was a whole day event, tiring yes but it was fun.