Kevler Sound Systems enters the consumer market with awesomely priced products

If you havent heard about Kevler in the consumer market, it’s because they just started exploring it. Kevler is a well know brand in professional audio systems. Majority of the products are used in powering concerts and large-scale events with their top-of-the-line speakers, amplifiers, mixers and microphones, Kevler now brings the crisp, clear, professional sound to your home through its newest home theater entertainment systems and ranges. Enjoy superb audio quality in the comfort of your home.

Looking a simple yet powerful and portable speaker and mic system? Try out the PS-650 which delivers maximum 200 watts omnidirectional sound, and is fitted with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, device inputs (AUX, USB, dual mics), FM radio, rechargeable battery and mic priority. Feel the power of the bass thanks to the 6.5” woofer, 12.50oz 1” voice coil and a 25mm tweeter.

Kevler recently organized a small meet and experience event in B-Hotel in Quezon City for media friends to personally see the consumer line up in action.

 Jonathan Fabian, President of Digital Focus, the local distributor of Kevler said: “Kevler has always strived to deliver an impressive sound through the latest, state-of-the-art technology.  We believe that good, quality sound helps to complete any experience – whether you’re at a concert or event, or at home enjoying a simple sound trip or movie.”


From speakers with 300watts of power that is also bluetooth enabled to speakers with built in amplifiers and wireless microphones that can reach upto 50 meters,Kevler is a brand to watch out for in the consumer market.

Some of the models that caught my eye was the KR-512A 700 watts powered dual speakers that includes Bluetooth connectivity, USB music playing and RCA input so you can connect your media player, gaming console and karaoke player so should you want to belt your heart out on karaoke night, you can!  It’s also fitted with 2 mic/ line inputs so you can jam with your guitar and keyboard which is priced at 13,490 php only!

Another impressive model is the EON-12PA speaker system perfect for homes with numerous entertaining areas. Roll this portable speaker around which is fitted with a 12” 2 way bass reflex, low 2” Voice coil, Hi 1.5” Voice coil, 8 ohms, 200 watts amplifier, USB/ FM Bluetooth function, XLR line input/ output, RCA input, mic priority button, 1 mic input, 2 VHF wireless mic, echo/ repeat/ delay function, 12V DC In. This one also has a  rechargeable battery which is a great help for portability especially in small gatherings, priced at 10,490 php

Besides speakers, Kevler also has a complete line of microphones from the professional look UM-100R UHF dual wireless microphones model, the PM-101 long range dual UHF mics with state of the art small and slim base, to the super cardioid dynamic wired microphones (PM-580, PM-830 & PM-930).



Here is a complete list and pricing of the Kevler Consumer Products:

Price List of Kevler Consumer sound system line up

TKR305 TJ High Definition HDD Karaoke Player 21,990 php

TKR335 TJ SSD Karaoke Player 11,990 php

GX5UB Kevler 600w Integrated Amplifier 6,490 php

KR310 Kevler 450w Karaoke Speakers 6,990 php

KR312 Kevler 650w Karaoke Speakers 8,490 php

KR508A Kevler 300w 8″ Active Speaker System 8,990 php

KR510A Kevler 500w 10″ Active Speaker System 11,490 php

KR512A Kevler 700w 12″ Active Speaker System 13,490 php

EON12PA Kevler 12″ Portable Speaker System 10,490 php

EON15PA Kevler 15″ Portable Speaker System 14,990 php

PS650 Kevler 6.5″ Portable Speaker System 5,990 php

UM100R Kevler Professional Dual UHF Microphones 6,990 php

PM101 Kevler Dual UHF Wireless Microphones 4,299 php

VR2 Kevler Dual VHF Wireless Microphones 2,490 php

PM580 Kevler Dynamic Wired Microphone 590 php

PM830 Kevler Dynamic Wired Microphone 790 php

PM930 Kevler Dynamic Wired Microphone 890 php

SS5 Kevler 6ft Speaker Stand 1,300 php

MS-3 Kevler Microphone Stand 990 php

BMX-8UP Kevler Kix Audio 8 channel mixer 5,990 php

BT202 Kevler Portable Wireless Speaker 1,599 php

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